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View directory contents BatchMake
 50  9 years  aylward  ENH: Updated to current cvs version of BatchMake
View directory contents freetype2
 42  9 years  blezek  Initial import of freetype
View directory contents cmcurl
 185  4 years  jcfr  COMP: cmcurl - Optionnally include CTestUseLaunchers
View directory contents VTK
 146  7 years  partyd  ENH: more updates from VTK release branch.
View directory contents netlib
 136  7 years  partyd  ENH: add a project command.
View directory contents CMake
 134  7 years  partyd  ENH: cmake-2.8.0 release.
View directory contents Python-2.6.6
 163  6 years  pieper  COMP: allow pyd files to be build with embedded manifests that point to msvc runtime dll - this allows a debug build of slicer to import numpy.pyd that is built in release mode - see python bug http://bugs.python.org/issue7833 and discussion for more details
View directory contents tcl85
 174  6 years  pieper  COMP: add new files for 8.5.9
View directory contents tcl
 114  9 years  pieper  ENH: latest patches from the tk 8.4 branch
View directory contents clapack-3.2.1-CMAKE
 160  6 years  pieper  ENH: add an un-tarred version of clapack so slicer3 doesn't need to depend on a local tar or curl command on windows. Also supports the possibility of local slicer-specific patches if needed
View directory contents teem
 104  9 years  pieper  BUG: avoid runtime exit on windows due to use of unitialized variable
View directory contents python
 116  9 years  pieper  COMP: add ipython mirror (original source is in Bazaar SCR)
View directory contents IGSTK
 9  10 years  pieper  ENH: initial checkin of IGSTK
View directory contents Binaries
 184  5 years  pieper  BUG: set executable property of other dlls (see #2137)
View directory contents numpy-1.4.1
 161  6 years  pieper  ENH: add a version of numpy that can be checked out with svn (for slicer3)
View directory contents weave
 154  6 years  pieper  COMP: fix error from upstream (caught by Daniel)
View directory contents teem-sourceforge
 86  9 years  pieper  COMP: teem from sourceforge uses different library convention and needs patching, so use spl version instead
View directory contents Insight
 108  9 years  pieper  COMP: new ITK 3.8 version
View directory contents KWWidgets
 99  9 years  pieper  ENH: update to new trunk of KWWidgets
View file contents teem-1.10.0-src.tar.gz
 180  5 years  jcfr  ENH: Add teem-1.10.0 source archive to avoid SVN checerror. 3> svn: REPORT of '/svnroot/teem/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
View file contents Python-2.6.6-vc2010.tgz
 181  5 years  jcfr  ENH: Add Python-2.6.6-vc2010.tgz. This archive is similar to Python-2.6.6.tgz but it contains solution file converted for VS2010
View file contents libarchive-2.8.4-patched.tar.gz
 168  6 years  jcfr  ENH: Add patched libaarchive-2.8.4 archive where -Werror is commented This should solve issue related to warnings treated as error on unix using gcc
View file contents libarchive-2.7.1-patched.tar.gz
 170  6 years  jcfr  ENH: Add patched libarchive-2.7.1 archive where -Werror is commented This should solve issue related to warnings treated as error on unix using gcc
View file contents numpy-1.5.1.tar.gz
 165  6 years  jcfr  ENH: Added numpy-1.5.1.tar.gz
View file contents clapack-3.2.1-CMAKE.tgz
 147  7 years  jcfr  ENH: Added clapack-3.2.1-CMAKE.tgz - That should avoid connection error with http://www.netlib.org/clapack/
View file contents Python-2.6.5.tgz
 149  7 years  jcfr  ENH: Added Python-2.6.5.tgz - That should avoid any connection problem with svn.python.org and also speed uo the build process
View file contents numpy-1.4.1.tar.gz
 148  7 years  jcfr  ENH: Added numpy-1.4.1.tar.gz - That should fixed connection problem with svn.scipy.org - Avoid error associated with the use of numpy/trunk
View file contents Python-2.6.6.tgz
 155  6 years  partyd  ENH: Provide source for Python-2.6.6.
View file contents notes
 10  10 years  pieper  ENH: include password in cvs login

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