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 25829  6 months  jcfr  STYLE: Fix style of ITK classes using KWStyle This commit introduced the style Utilities/KWStyle/ITK.kws.xml based of the official ITK Style. Style was checked using the following command: for file in $(find . | ack-grep "\/itk.+(h|cpp|txx|cxx)$"); do KWStyle -gcc -xml ./Utilities/KWStyle/ITK.kws.xml $file; done KWStyle was built from source: https://github.com/Kitware/KWStyle The following errors remain: ./Modules/CLI/ExpertAutomatedRegistration/ITKRegistrationHelper/itkAnisotropicSimilarity3DTransform.h:109: error: Internal variable (itk::Rigid3DTransform<TScalarType>::SetMatrix) doesn't match regular expression (m_[A-Z]) ./Modules/CLI/ResampleDTIVolume/Testing/itkTestMainExtended.h:17: error: namespace not defined
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 26365  2 weeks  jcfr  COMP: MRML: Fix "inconsistent-missing-override" C++11 warnings Ensure that overridden functions are explicitly validated when compiling with C++11 This patch suppresses 100's of warnings: warning: 'SomeMemberFunctionOfDerivedClass' overrides a member function but is not marked 'override' [-Winconsistent-missing-override] From: Hans Johnson <hans-johnson@uiowa.edu>
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 26392  4 days  jcfr  BUG: Fix test_slicer_environment on windows
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 25416  11 months  jcfr  BUG: Introduce macro to set "Prefer CLI executable" settings default value This commit fixes a regression introduced in r25404 (ENH: prefer executable CLIs by default) and ensures the settings default value is consistently set.
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 26251  6 weeks  jcfr  ENH: Add preliminary support for Qt5 Support configuration using either Qt4 or Qt5 Based on preliminary work from Steve Pieper <pieper@bwh.harvard.edu> * vtkSlicerConfigure: Introduced Slicer_HAVE_QT5 and Slicer_HAVE_WEBKIT_SUPPORT. This was needed to workaround limitation of "moc" compiler preventing it from expanding macro like "QT_VERSION_CHECK. * Explicitly set QT_PLUGINS_DIR and QT_BINARY_DIR variables when using Qt5 * Update extension build system to propagate Qt version Tested with Qt 5.7 and Qt 5.9 on Ubuntu Remaining tasks: * Port extension manager * Update install/packaging rules to support Qt5 * SlicerStyle (based on CommonStyle) is disabled (see Main.cxx). Application crashes on Linux. * Fix runtime errors: * libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile * QPixmap::grabWidget is deprecated, use QWidget::grab() instead Co-authored-by: Hina Shah <hina.shah@kitware.com> Co-authored-by: Max Smolens <max.smolens@kitware.com> COMP adding qt5 variables for extension testing COMP Adding Qt5 build and plugin cmake variables From: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <jchris.fillionr@kitware.com>
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 26351  2 weeks  jcfr  ENH: Extend application API adding environment()/startupEnvironment() Thanks: Andras Lasso <lasso@queensu.ca>
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 26380  6 days  jcfr  ENH: Integrate VTK plotting to support Interactive manipulation This commit provides Plotting facilities that include a Plot View that can be packed in the layout, similar to the Slice Views and 3D Views. The architecture also includes nodes that represent the data to be displayed in the plot as well as nodes to represent the display properties of the data and the plot itself. In Addition, the PlotView is connected with the Table Module and Views allowing the plotting of arrays with a simple click. References: https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/Nightly/Developers/Plots https://www.na-mic.org/wiki/Project_Week_25/Interactive_Manipulation_of_Plots_and_Graphs https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Developer_Meetings/20170425 Reviewed-by: Andras Lasso <lasso@queensu.ca> Reviewed-by: Andriy Fedorov <fedorov@bwh.harvard.edu> Reviewed-by: Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <jchris.fillionr@kitware.com> Reviewed-by: Steve Pieper <pieper@bwh.harvard.edu> From: Davide Punzo <punzodavide@hotmail.it>
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 21766  4 years  jcfr  COMP: Move "Slicer3Adapters.tcl" into "Python/slicer/tcl" The historical folder GUI that was specific to Slicer3 had been removed and "Slicer3Adapters.tcl" has been moved to a more suitable home. It is now copied/installed as a python resources available within the python directory.

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