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 26288  5 weeks  jcfr  BUG: Fix ResampleDTIVolumeBSplineInterpolationTest with VTK8 This commit updates the IntensityTolerance from 0 to 1e-10 to allow the test to pass when Slicer is built against VTK8/OpenGL2. It also updates the tolerance of "BSplineWSInterpolationTest" and "2RigidTransformsLinearTest" from 1 to 1e-10 which was improperly set to 1 in r15843 (ENH: Changed tolerance for ITKv4.) Suggested-by: Max Smolens <max.smolens@kitware.com>
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 25871  6 months  lassoan  COMP: Move projects to correct folder in solution explorer vtkSegmentationCoreCxxTests and qSlicerModulesCoreCxxTests projects were moved to the correct folders in solution explorer (now they are in the same folder as the projects that they test).
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 26393  2 days  lassoan  ENH: Added column property editor to tables module Type and other properties of any existing column and default properties of new columns can be changed using GUI. This is important for plotting, which requires numeric column types. Additional improvements: * changed defaultValue to nullValue to better reflect that the value represents missint/unknown value. * made reading and conversion of bit and char type columns more robust
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 23355  3 years  jcfr  COMP: Find LibArchive/CURL/OpenIGTLink/ZLIB package where required. This commit complements commit r23350 and will help reducing the number of parameters passed to the compiler/linker. See #3741
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 26365  2 weeks  jcfr  COMP: MRML: Fix "inconsistent-missing-override" C++11 warnings Ensure that overridden functions are explicitly validated when compiling with C++11 This patch suppresses 100's of warnings: warning: 'SomeMemberFunctionOfDerivedClass' overrides a member function but is not marked 'override' [-Winconsistent-missing-override] From: Hans Johnson <hans-johnson@uiowa.edu>
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 21052  5 years  jcfr  COMP: Ensure QTApp library can use Module/Core headers See #2251 / http://www.na-mic.org/Bug/view.php?id=2251

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